Self-initiated Project idea???

Sooooo I have a somewhat clear idea of what I want to work on for this project.
I’m considering making a music video for a musician I know who I have collaborated with before for past projects (Ryan Tennant) and with whom I’m also actually in a band with (The Michigan Vibe). I have made a music video for his band (The Love Company) before and was originally considering making another one for his band but they want to wait until they are done professionally recording their new tracks (which probably won’t be until after this projects deadline) so perhaps I’ll make a music video for a track that we’ve been working on together.

Here is the music video I made last summer for Ryans’ band The Love Company:

This video combines iPhone slow-motion footage I shot of scenes from Venice, Italy while I was there on vacation and clips of Ryan singing on a green screen so as to overlay him over the Venice scenes. All in all with my slow as hell computer I managed to film & edit everything in 3 days while also teaching myself how to use AfterEffects to achieve the aesthetic my “client” wanted. One of my pieces of work I am most proud of.

Here are two videos I’ve made for our band, The Michigan Vibe:

For the WANDERLUST video I edited scenes from the film Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968) to create a new narrative which I felt suited the track aesthetically. I was also very intrigued by the story behind this bizarre and obscure film which is actually an American adaptation of Soviet film, Planeta Bur.

The LEAVING HOME TONIGHT video is comprised of scenes I edited and recomposed of an old Cadillac car show advert. Once again, with editing, I created a new narrative to fit the song ‘Leaving Home Tonight’.

The song Ryan and I are working on for the Michigan Vibe music video I’m hoping to make is called Dreams of You (working title). I’d like to include footage I’ve shot or directed instead of films whose narratives I’ve recomposed (which although I enjoy the aesthetic It isn’t very challenging for me to make and I’d also like to finally “introduce” the band to the world?? I hope that makes sense, The Michigan Vibe is a bit too mysterious right now).
We’re going for a glamorous modern 80’s Siren vibe aesthetically for visuals to accompany the music.

Here are some music videos that are inspiration for the video I plan to make:


Flip Book Breif


So since our flip books had to represent us/our work I decided to do something VERY Nicole-like. I turned my flip book idea into a gif instead (a modern flip book if you will..).
The ‘Flip book’ shows a loading bar that almoooost gets to 100% only to display an ERROR message, something I am WAAAAY too familiar with from editing and working in Premiere pro (the bane of my existence really but I need it so alas we must coexist).
I feel like this was the most ‘me’ outcome to create for this brief.

Mobile Phone Video Brief

For this brief we were allocated a color and asked to film as many short clips of 20-30seconds each as we could within 30min to create an abstract and/or narrative based video that was to later be edited and posted online.
I was given the color pink (even though I was really hoping to get red, my favourite color of all time but was happy nonetheless). I started filming things which I felt represented what the color pink made me feel (so mostly soft things that also reminded me of spring, my favourite season). Having to find things to film outside of uni to keep things interesting ate up a lot of the time we had to gather all the clips we needed.
After the time was up we made a story board by drawing the still image the clips we had filmed saved on our camera roll on our phones.
I ended up deviating from my story board as while in the editing phase I found that certain clips did not work with what I was trying to make, either there was too much movement in it or I felt it was too cliche.
Overall it was the brief I enjoyed the most from the various tasks we’d been given as I have found that I really enjoy working in this kind of media (more than traditional illustration) so being able to exercise these skills was helpful to me.

PINK from Nicole Olivetti on Vimeo.

[EDIT] 13.05.17: I’ve found that this task has been the most unique and interesting work we have been assigned compared to other briefs which relied heavily on observational drawing which is not something I particularly enjoy doing, especially at this point of the year when we are focused on our self initiated projects. This brief as well as the 24hour brief have been really engaging.

Zine Brief

2017-06-15 07.09.41 pm2017-06-15 07.09.57 pm2017-06-15 07.10.11 pm2017-06-15 07.10.24 pm2017-06-15 07.10.39 pm2017-06-15 07.10.53 pm2017-06-15 07.11.06 pm2017-06-15 07.11.21 pm2017-06-15 07.11.35 pm

I feel like I responded to this brief a bit differently than we were meant to..
We were asked to make a zine using the drawings we did of one chosen thing from whatever museum we were assigned…I didn’t include drawings from the museum visit but instead created collages using photographs I took when I returned to The Natural History Museum as well as minimalistic line drawings I created digital in illustrator. I did this instead of the intended brief because that is what I felt best matched the outcome I wanted.
While looking at all the minerals and crystals on display at the museum I was reminded of when my late Italian grandfather would take me to the market where people would sell minerals and crystals of all shapes and sizes. This is one of my favourite memories as collecting minerals & crystals is something I still do to this day. I wanted my zine to reflect these cherished childhood memories with my grandfather and grandmother.
When I returned home for the easter holidays I searched my house for photographs from these times. I compiled the ones I felt best represented these memories and used them to create this zine.
The Zine is titled ‘Ciao Nonno’. Ciao in italian means both ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Nonno’ is ‘grandfather’. The Zine features a vintage postcard from Aosta, where I used to go camping with my grandparents during the summer when I was younger. The post card is also symbolic for me because my grandfather would always let me buy one when I would walk with him to the town centre to buy his weekly newspaper.

Overall I quite enjoyed this brief. I like making zines but to be honest I’ve never gone through with any of them and actually printed any until this one here. I found the experience very cathartic.

Catalyst – TEST

Took a few test shots in preparation for filming of the video part of my outcome to see if it would come across how i imagined it and so far I’m pretty pleased! Things to note for when I start filming:
-use MORE red paint (the amount I had here barely made it halfway down my face)
-fix shadows on background (going to have to figure that out)

I wasn’t sure about my bleached brows working with the look I was doing but in the end I think it works because it makes my face feel less busy, working with the simple aesthetic I had going on in my animation. Also kind of brings a modern vs ancient feeling? Kind of alien but also like those old classical paintings where it was the fashion of the time to have like no brows? I wasn’t sure about the eyeliner aswell, I was worried it would be a bit much but since theres not much else going on on my face it ends up working and framing my eyes.

Here is a fuller animation test (before editing):

In the editing process (don’t ask why I’m working backwards through the photos cause I dunno) :