@ Highgate Woods

My outcome for the Highgate Woods outing is a polaroid portrait series of The Michigan Vibe in nature~

When I first arrived at the woods I wasn’t sure how I was going to relate any of what I saw to my SI project…which isn’t really nature based…AT ALL. I took a few pictures on my phone and then realised that it would be a great setting for some portraits. I went home to pick up my polaroid camera and found some film I had been gifted that was perfect for the portraits and invited Ryan along.
I used black and red film as it matched the black and red scenes I had been editing in my video (to be posted soon).

Not gonna lie though…most if not ALL of the mini briefs are completely unrelated to any of the work I have been doing. I would have enjoyed them more in first year when my work was more “traditional illustration”. This year all my work has been either digital or video based so it’s felt a bit useless drawing nature scenes or things seen in museums as they’re pretty irrelevant to me. I get that you’re trying to get us to learn to “observe” our surroundings but honestly we’re all pretty capable of that already and if we aren’t then we shouldn’t be in 2nd year???  I dunno I just don’t care for it thats all. I just want to focus on my SI project instead of having to travel 40min to a place that has nothing to do with what I’m doing.




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