More SI project updates

this post is all about how I want the video I’ll be making to still have references and ties to the other video I’ve made for The Michigan Vibe

What themes are important in these videos: LETS ANALYSE THIS

-Both are videos made from clips of an old(vintage looking) film but re-pieced together to create a new narrative that fits the song
-Both tend to have a Blue coloured look to them with splashes of red (In wanderlust the Volcano is the RED whereas smaller details like lipstick are the Red accents in the video)
-Both are supposed to be representations of the “Future” as imagined at the time when they were filmed
-Both have very idealised looking women in them
-Both have a dream/sleep theme in the video- Wanderlust begins with women waking up and Leaving Home Tonight the woman in the video is sleeping/dreaming

I want to somewhat represent these themes in the new video I’ll be making.
Mixing a vintage and modern/futurist aesthetic of an “Ideal woman” (parodying the Manic Pixie Dream Girl with just a dash of Femme Fatale thrown in there).
I’ll also obviously include a dream/sleep theme in the video as the song itself is called Dreaming of You- whereby in the video I’ll be representing Ryans “dream girl”. I’ll be wearing clothes that are closely linked to nightwear : a slip dress & peignoir mixed with exaggerated accessories : long black gloves(with finger nail appliqués), diamante choker, lucite platform heels. A lot of the elements of the outfit & makeup I’ll be wearing is inspired by Drag Queens. I feel like the way that they embody their idea of an ideal/powerfull/beautiful woman is very creative and (can be) exaggerated. It’s an interesting way to play with gender and I feel like that will translate well for this video as its an exaggeration of a “dream girl”. And I mean, Drag Queens are freakin ARTISTSSS
Here are some of my main inspirations
(including some Bio Queens (female drag queens) :

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