SI project updates

Due to scheduling conflicts there have been a few set backs with the project. It’s proven quite hard to continue working on the song for the video with Ryan as he has been busy with his own projects. I’ve also been busy with my own work (*cough cough* fuckin thesis proposal *cough*) and have not been able to focus as much on this work. I know i will be able to finish it on time though because I believe in my last minute work skillzzz.

Seriously though this is very stressful for me as I do want to do well (obviously). I’ve gone to the photography studios to book the big studio for filming on the 30th May and 5th of June (to capture any missed footage) so as to get a head start with the filming organisation.


Well y’all, we are officially CUTTING IT SO CLOSE. Ryan is unfortunately unavailable on the 30th of May and no other studios time slots are available so the only day I have for filming is MONDAY THE 5th OF JUNE – TWO DAYS BEFORE THE CRIT
going to have to make it work (which I will but UGHHHHHHHH STRESSS)


Had a group tutorial where I played this video to show what I’ve made before and give a better Idea of what I’m working towards

Obviously seeing as the music/band is different the outcome will be different but I wanted to show how low budget “shit” looking work is a fucking ARRRRT.
My group enjoyed these visuals and loved the terrible (read:GREAT) green screen over the serene venetian boats I filmed.

Here are some more visual example of what I want to do with the video:

This Video by Madness also has that “terrible but great” quality to it. It’s kitsch, it’s fun and very engaging. Personally I don’t see myself using a green screen background but doing something more like the love company video further above with overlaid and duplicated people layered over some kind of focal point filmed on a black background (or white? maybe even red if it is available in the studio)

This is a music video Ryans sister filmed which ryan and I helped her set up in their living room (IN THEIR LIVING ROOM!! turned out amaziiiing). I really like the use of the strobe light to add drama to parts of the video. The colors also really pop for me in this, very contrasty~ I also like the echo effect on the video, gives me major Kate Bush vibes WHICH brings me on to the next video:

I mean…its a classic. Doesn’t really seem super high budget (except maybe lighting??) but it works well with the song, very ghostly and etherial. WHICH makes me question; where can I purchase a smoke machine? Because I need it for my video considering the song is about ~*DReamiNG*~ and we want that vibe~~~~~~

Another CLASSIC Kate Bush video- again super simple set up : Black background, Lighting, and a FREAKING SWORD. Love it. Live it.

Another simple music video that WORKS. And another convincing argument for the use of a smoke machine. Also has that sparkle which comes naturally with the use of dark background and strong lights (a toned down sparkle effect than the one on the Daft Punk video I included in an earlier blog post).

Another KILLER music video that is simple but effective visually. Loving the shots filmed from a low angle, something I might take into consideration for my own video. Also has it’s own *sparkly* feel.

Okay this isn’t a music video but rather a selection of clips from the Giallo film the soundtrack comes from (A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (1971)) put together BEAUTIFULLY and ARTFULLY. The scenes that stand out the most to me are the scenes on the red bed (obviously a dream/vision sequence thanks to the vague black backdrop and wind effect giving it an unreal look)





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