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Here are some music videos that are inspiration for the video I plan to make:

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Here is the music video I made last summer for Ryans’ band The Love Company:

This video combines iPhone slow-motion footage I shot of scenes from Venice, Italy while I was there on vacation and clips of Ryan singing on a green screen so as to overlay him over the Venice scenes. All in all with my slow as hell computer I managed to film & edit everything in 3 days while also teaching myself how to use AfterEffects to achieve the aesthetic my “client” wanted. One of my pieces of work I am most proud of.

Here are two videos I’ve made for our band, The Michigan Vibe:

For the WANDERLUST video I edited scenes from the film Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968) to create a new narrative which I felt suited the track aesthetically. I was also very intrigued by the story behind this bizarre and obscure film which is actually an American adaptation of Soviet film, Planeta Bur.

The LEAVING HOME TONIGHT video is comprised of scenes I edited and recomposed of an old Cadillac car show advert. Once again, with editing, I created a new narrative to fit the song ‘Leaving Home Tonight’.

The song Ryan and I are working on for the Michigan Vibe music video I’m hoping to make is called Dreams of You.

I’d like to include footage I’ve shot or directed instead of films whose narratives I’ve recomposed (which although I enjoy the aesthetic It isn’t very challenging for me to make and I’d also like to finally “introduce” the band to the world?? I hope that makes sense, The Michigan Vibe is a bit too mysterious right now).

We’re going for a glamorous modern 80’s Siren vibe aesthetically for visuals to accompany the music. Very important that it reflects a VERY Kitsch vibe! We want the visuals that accompany the song to pretty much parody the manic pixie dream girl. Very exaggerated 80s pop inspiration.


So my idea was well received when I presented this to my group. Obviously the outcome isn’t super clear yet I will be working on properly storyboarding the video to present a clearer view.
It was suggested to me to check out Cindy Sherman’s work which Is actually something I’ve researched before for other projects but I had not linked it to this project which was interesting. Something I’ll be keeping in mind while I work.
While presenting I mentioned an artist that was not in my presentation; Hockney.
I talked about how his work really struck me when I went to go see the exhibition at the Tate. I enjoyed the ultra fresh kitsch aesthetic emanating from his works from the Big Splash series (I believe thats what it was called??) :



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