Catalyst Outcome

from Nicole Olivetti on Vimeo.


Catalyst – TEST

Took a few test shots in preparation for filming of the video part of my outcome to see if it would come across how i imagined it and so far I’m pretty pleased! Things to note for when I start filming:
-use MORE red paint (the amount I had here barely made it halfway down my face)
-fix shadows on background (going to have to figure that out)

I wasn’t sure about my bleached brows working with the look I was doing but in the end I think it works because it makes my face feel less busy, working with the simple aesthetic I had going on in my animation. Also kind of brings a modern vs ancient feeling? Kind of alien but also like those old classical paintings where it was the fashion of the time to have like no brows? I wasn’t sure about the eyeliner aswell, I was worried it would be a bit much but since theres not much else going on on my face it ends up working and framing my eyes.

Here is a fuller animation test (before editing):

In the editing process (don’t ask why I’m working backwards through the photos cause I dunno) :