Catalyst inspo

Brooke Candy serving me goddess looks and girls standing up for each other



Came across this recently and and I found it really striking, especially the aesthetic and the way it was filmed. Posting here for future reference~

Catalyst update 13.01

sooooo not gonna lie. I did not manage to get much work done during the holidays. One thing I did work on was putting together a storyboard to help me plan out my animation.
Its pretty rough but it’s helped me visually organize my thoughts and ideas. Since putting this together I’ve decided to not include the image of burning at the steak, my reason for this is because in some of the experimentations I posted earlier I found that it didn’t translate well, it just felt like there was a bit too much going on compared to other scenes I’m going to be portraying as I want the overall look of the animation to be somewhat minimal to keep focus on the story and not on details that wouldn’t really further the narrative. I found that the image of the women being hung was more powerful and true to the research I did on the witch trials in Salem, where women who had been accused of witchcraft were hung rather than burned.
While showing my work to Ima she pointed out that she was worried about my use of the female symbol ♀ as it could come off a bit cliché but I explained that I was using the symbol to represent the witches mark, something that came up often in my research. The witches mark was a blemish of any sort really that was found on the body that was used to convict someone of being a witch. Being that almost all of the accused and convicted witches were women I chose to represent this mark as the symbol for female because thats all that was really needed to convince people that you were a witch; being a woman.

I want my animation to represent this shift women went through, going from Goddess to Witch. Once revered and loved to feared and loathed. This change in perception really interested me and it’s still something that happens today for women and is especially apparent online so I thought it would be interesting to investigate the possible source of this mindset. Here’s some examples of modern Goddess to Witch Bitch moments I found on Bye Felipe, an instagram account where you can submit screenshots of online conversations with men who turn hostile when rejected or ignored:

I want to also incorporate video for the final part of the piece. I wanted to end of the animation to be set in the now (as the rest is set in the past [paganism,witch hunts]) and the best way to represent this time shift is to go from animation to video. I will be making sure that the video follows the rhythm and pace of the animation to create a fluid transition but one that shocks visually none the less. An inspiration can be pulled from Tarantino’s kill bill animation scene used to tell the background story of O-ren Ishii:

I used todays class to further my animation work (which ughhhh so time consuming) and ordering the props necessary for the video part of my work.
Here’s what I listened to as I worked for a supernatural vibe ~