UTOPIA fixed pdf

The problem with the pdf that I uploaded for utopia is that while I was copying my writing from Word onto InDesign, without noticing I copied the same thing for both the outcome and evaluation part of the pdf. SO here is the CORRECT evaluation for Utopia:


Over the duration of this project, many difficulties were encountered as a team as individuals left, and/or struggled to contribute to the collective outcome. Alongside this there were many disputes of subject matter and sidetracks of outcome, leading to a general disorder and lack of direction/focus within the group. Within the group I attempted to reign in some of the key ideas and prominent themes in order to sustain work flow and direction to the project. Unintended miscommunications also occurred as individuals also pushed plans without further discussing with the rest of the group. I would personally have preferred the blueprints to have been left as a larger scale print, possibly in the form of a file, rather than in a thread bound book which had not been discussed within the group before. Despite these issues, those who contributed towards the final outcome pulled together a valuable source of research and put forward valid ideas regularly whilst contributing the final outcome of the project. This project opened my mind towards group work, something that I would have rather not ventured into previously to the project. The project provided an enjoyable setting in which to create work, whilst problem solving was concurrent throughout the entirety of the project, frustration was inevitable as a norm within group work. Collaboration is an important and vital aspect within the industry professionally, and I feel as though I could take this experience and use it towards other endeavors both in and out of academic study. The various medium used within the project has also inspired a new way of thinking, implementing the world that surrounds me to its best.