SI Project Final outcome

Dreams of You – THE MICHIGAN VIBE from Nicole Olivetti on Vimeo.

Here’s the final outcome of the music video!
Overall I’m pretty happy with it. Obviously had I had all the time in the world I would have made it even better but ya know..deadlines.

One thing I didn’t manage to do was the whole generation loss VHS effect. Unfortunately even after buying all the required wires and stuff needed to connect my laptop to the VHS player for some reason it wasn’t working and I didn’t have time to keep trying endlessly until I got a result so I continued with the editing on Premiere pro. I plan to keep experimenting with it this summer because it’s something I really want to be able to do.


Kung Fury

I mean…lets be real this is 30min of true ART. The most successful homage to the 80s. Obviously not exactly what I’m going for in my work but my god does this endlessly inspire me humour-wise and aesthetic-wise (not to mention the SICK synth soundtrack used throughout).

I was feeling a bit uninspired while I was editing my video and I re-stumbled upon this film and was quickly brought back to LIFE. Thank you Kung Fury.

@ Highgate Woods

My outcome for the Highgate Woods outing is a polaroid portrait series of The Michigan Vibe in nature~

When I first arrived at the woods I wasn’t sure how I was going to relate any of what I saw to my SI project…which isn’t really nature based…AT ALL. I took a few pictures on my phone and then realised that it would be a great setting for some portraits. I went home to pick up my polaroid camera and found some film I had been gifted that was perfect for the portraits and invited Ryan along.
I used black and red film as it matched the black and red scenes I had been editing in my video (to be posted soon).

Not gonna lie though…most if not ALL of the mini briefs are completely unrelated to any of the work I have been doing. I would have enjoyed them more in first year when my work was more “traditional illustration”. This year all my work has been either digital or video based so it’s felt a bit useless drawing nature scenes or things seen in museums as they’re pretty irrelevant to me. I get that you’re trying to get us to learn to “observe” our surroundings but honestly we’re all pretty capable of that already and if we aren’t then we shouldn’t be in 2nd year???  I dunno I just don’t care for it thats all. I just want to focus on my SI project instead of having to travel 40min to a place that has nothing to do with what I’m doing.



@ Horniman Museum

I mean, I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it over and over again…THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY SI PROJECT..thats cool tho..anyway here are some sketches from the Horseman Museum. As you can see, birds are my life.. they’re so silly looking and fun to draw, bless them.


SO in my last post I mentioned how I wouldn’t be able to film the final version of the video on my May 30th studio booking because of scheduling issues with Ryan.
I decided not to waste my booking of the studio and go in to do some test shooting to get a better idea of the final outcome and to feel better prepared for filming to real thing on on the 5th of June.
It ended up being both a disappointing experience as well as a very helpful one.
My main disappointment with the studio is that despite being the “Big Studio” in the design block at uni it is actually quite small; The background for the video is too small when filming full body scenes (and I wasn’t even wearing my platform shoes yet!!). Here is what I mean:
2017-05-31 04.38.15 pm
You can see the surrounding studio and lighting set up which…kinda kills the whole vibe  I was going for- TOTAL BUMMER (not to mention me wearing socks with this outfit is…horrible hahaha but my shoes hadn’t arrived yet). I think I will have to focus on close up shots..which kinda sucks cause its not what I was going for but I WILL MAKE IT WORK I GUESS.
Also It was hard to find a good balance with the lighting. I wanted the background to be a lot darker than it ended up looking and have found it hard to fix even in post production.
Despite it being a bit disappointing it has given me a chance to play around with the footage Saffron Cann helped me shoot and give a clearer idea of what the outcome may look like.
Here’s some clips I’ve played around with (note the difference by comparing with the screenshot posted above) :

To achieve this look I played around with various settings; I made the footage a cooler more blue tone, raised the sharpness (to get that crinkly vhs look), added some noise, added a screened fog effect, and played around with the color channels to get that quintessential vhs coloured light outline thing (I don’t know what it’s called but heres a screenshot to show what I mean)
2017-06-02 04.09.06 pm

I’m quite happy with this outcome so far but I’m going to continue further with these trials. Here’s some things I’m planning to try out:

Going to go out later to buy an old dvd player & vhs player from a charity shop to try this out (i’ll have to burn the footage I’ve been working on onto a dvd and then convert that to vhs and play around)
Another thing with a vhs player I’d like to try is generation loss (making copies on copies of an original until the footage is altered) :

I’ll update this post with my results soon as I will be experimenting with this new method during the next few days.

UPDATE: ughhhh the charity shop where I was planning to buy the vhs & dvd player are out of stock of what I neeeeeeeed. Usually every time I go they have this huge selection of vhs and dvd players that NO ONE ever buys and obviously when I need it, NOT AVAILABLE..damnnnn.
I’ll have to scavenge around some more I guess…

UPDATE: SO bought an old tv that has a VHS player integrated in to stand did some more research thats made me realise that I don’t need to convert the video to DVD so the DVD player isn’t needed anymore. Just waiting on some wire now that will connect the tv to my computer so that I can record the video to VHS and then make a few copies until I get the desired generation loss effect at which point I will then copy it back to my computer.


Had my studio booking the other day (June 5th) and ONCE AGAIN I AM LEFT DISAPPOINTED. It was not my lucky day, there was only one technician working in the photography studios that day and he was spread a bit thin having to help set up not only my studio but everyone elses too. We didn’t really manage to get filming until halfway through the booking hours so the only footage I managed to get was of Ryan with the black background (mostly him playing various instruments) and like 3 shots of me that ended up being totally useless in the end because I forgot to put on various parts of my outfit as we were in a rush. LUCKILY I managed to book another studio slot to finish up hopefully (the booking is on friday the 9th of June) so unfortunately I won’t have much to show at the crit on thursday. I’ll work on editing what I have as much as I can but sadly most of the clips that I filmed are not part of the main narrative of the video but more like “filler” clips (zoom-ins of instruments being played etc).

More SI project updates

this post is all about how I want the video I’ll be making to still have references and ties to the other video I’ve made for The Michigan Vibe

What themes are important in these videos: LETS ANALYSE THIS

-Both are videos made from clips of an old(vintage looking) film but re-pieced together to create a new narrative that fits the song
-Both tend to have a Blue coloured look to them with splashes of red (In wanderlust the Volcano is the RED whereas smaller details like lipstick are the Red accents in the video)
-Both are supposed to be representations of the “Future” as imagined at the time when they were filmed
-Both have very idealised looking women in them
-Both have a dream/sleep theme in the video- Wanderlust begins with women waking up and Leaving Home Tonight the woman in the video is sleeping/dreaming

I want to somewhat represent these themes in the new video I’ll be making.
Mixing a vintage and modern/futurist aesthetic of an “Ideal woman” (parodying the Manic Pixie Dream Girl with just a dash of Femme Fatale thrown in there).
I’ll also obviously include a dream/sleep theme in the video as the song itself is called Dreaming of You- whereby in the video I’ll be representing Ryans “dream girl”. I’ll be wearing clothes that are closely linked to nightwear : a slip dress & peignoir mixed with exaggerated accessories : long black gloves(with finger nail appliqués), diamante choker, lucite platform heels. A lot of the elements of the outfit & makeup I’ll be wearing is inspired by Drag Queens. I feel like the way that they embody their idea of an ideal/powerfull/beautiful woman is very creative and (can be) exaggerated. It’s an interesting way to play with gender and I feel like that will translate well for this video as its an exaggeration of a “dream girl”. And I mean, Drag Queens are freakin ARTISTSSS
Here are some of my main inspirations
(including some Bio Queens (female drag queens) :

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SI project updates

Due to scheduling conflicts there have been a few set backs with the project. It’s proven quite hard to continue working on the song for the video with Ryan as he has been busy with his own projects. I’ve also been busy with my own work (*cough cough* fuckin thesis proposal *cough*) and have not been able to focus as much on this work. I know i will be able to finish it on time though because I believe in my last minute work skillzzz.

Seriously though this is very stressful for me as I do want to do well (obviously). I’ve gone to the photography studios to book the big studio for filming on the 30th May and 5th of June (to capture any missed footage) so as to get a head start with the filming organisation.


Well y’all, we are officially CUTTING IT SO CLOSE. Ryan is unfortunately unavailable on the 30th of May and no other studios time slots are available so the only day I have for filming is MONDAY THE 5th OF JUNE – TWO DAYS BEFORE THE CRIT
going to have to make it work (which I will but UGHHHHHHHH STRESSS)


Had a group tutorial where I played this video to show what I’ve made before and give a better Idea of what I’m working towards

Obviously seeing as the music/band is different the outcome will be different but I wanted to show how low budget “shit” looking work is a fucking ARRRRT.
My group enjoyed these visuals and loved the terrible (read:GREAT) green screen over the serene venetian boats I filmed.

Here are some more visual example of what I want to do with the video:

This Video by Madness also has that “terrible but great” quality to it. It’s kitsch, it’s fun and very engaging. Personally I don’t see myself using a green screen background but doing something more like the love company video further above with overlaid and duplicated people layered over some kind of focal point filmed on a black background (or white? maybe even red if it is available in the studio)

This is a music video Ryans sister filmed which ryan and I helped her set up in their living room (IN THEIR LIVING ROOM!! turned out amaziiiing). I really like the use of the strobe light to add drama to parts of the video. The colors also really pop for me in this, very contrasty~ I also like the echo effect on the video, gives me major Kate Bush vibes WHICH brings me on to the next video:

I mean…its a classic. Doesn’t really seem super high budget (except maybe lighting??) but it works well with the song, very ghostly and etherial. WHICH makes me question; where can I purchase a smoke machine? Because I need it for my video considering the song is about ~*DReamiNG*~ and we want that vibe~~~~~~

Another CLASSIC Kate Bush video- again super simple set up : Black background, Lighting, and a FREAKING SWORD. Love it. Live it.

Another simple music video that WORKS. And another convincing argument for the use of a smoke machine. Also has that sparkle which comes naturally with the use of dark background and strong lights (a toned down sparkle effect than the one on the Daft Punk video I included in an earlier blog post).

Another KILLER music video that is simple but effective visually. Loving the shots filmed from a low angle, something I might take into consideration for my own video. Also has it’s own *sparkly* feel.

Okay this isn’t a music video but rather a selection of clips from the Giallo film the soundtrack comes from (A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (1971)) put together BEAUTIFULLY and ARTFULLY. The scenes that stand out the most to me are the scenes on the red bed (obviously a dream/vision sequence thanks to the vague black backdrop and wind effect giving it an unreal look)





dreams of you.jpg
PAGE 2 & 3
Here are some music videos that are inspiration for the video I plan to make:

Page 4

Here is the music video I made last summer for Ryans’ band The Love Company:

This video combines iPhone slow-motion footage I shot of scenes from Venice, Italy while I was there on vacation and clips of Ryan singing on a green screen so as to overlay him over the Venice scenes. All in all with my slow as hell computer I managed to film & edit everything in 3 days while also teaching myself how to use AfterEffects to achieve the aesthetic my “client” wanted. One of my pieces of work I am most proud of.

Here are two videos I’ve made for our band, The Michigan Vibe:

For the WANDERLUST video I edited scenes from the film Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968) to create a new narrative which I felt suited the track aesthetically. I was also very intrigued by the story behind this bizarre and obscure film which is actually an American adaptation of Soviet film, Planeta Bur.

The LEAVING HOME TONIGHT video is comprised of scenes I edited and recomposed of an old Cadillac car show advert. Once again, with editing, I created a new narrative to fit the song ‘Leaving Home Tonight’.

The song Ryan and I are working on for the Michigan Vibe music video I’m hoping to make is called Dreams of You.

I’d like to include footage I’ve shot or directed instead of films whose narratives I’ve recomposed (which although I enjoy the aesthetic It isn’t very challenging for me to make and I’d also like to finally “introduce” the band to the world?? I hope that makes sense, The Michigan Vibe is a bit too mysterious right now).

We’re going for a glamorous modern 80’s Siren vibe aesthetically for visuals to accompany the music. Very important that it reflects a VERY Kitsch vibe! We want the visuals that accompany the song to pretty much parody the manic pixie dream girl. Very exaggerated 80s pop inspiration.


So my idea was well received when I presented this to my group. Obviously the outcome isn’t super clear yet I will be working on properly storyboarding the video to present a clearer view.
It was suggested to me to check out Cindy Sherman’s work which Is actually something I’ve researched before for other projects but I had not linked it to this project which was interesting. Something I’ll be keeping in mind while I work.
While presenting I mentioned an artist that was not in my presentation; Hockney.
I talked about how his work really struck me when I went to go see the exhibition at the Tate. I enjoyed the ultra fresh kitsch aesthetic emanating from his works from the Big Splash series (I believe thats what it was called??) :


Observational studio session

Okay so you guys told us to write what we thought about this session…well I’m gonna be real with y’all..I did not enjoy it. I was expecting to be discussing the SI projects more instead of spending the whole lesson drawing an object in different ways. My pens started to run out of ink which actually made my drawings look better in my opinion, gave it some character.
ugh I don’t know what to say…I really did not enjoy this session, I feel like it’s something we should have done in first year (I probably would have been more grateful for it then than I am now because I actually know what I’m interested in pursuing now).